如果你还不知道凯时官网,你得去看看. 毫无疑问,都柏林是美国最好的小型学校. I am an independent school educator and educational consultant of twenty five years. In my profession I work extensively with over seventy US boarding schools, but the decision to send our child to Dublin was easy because of the faculty, 行政部门, 校长, 以及对学生的悉心照顾.

凯时官方网站的孩子 has thrived 在学业上 in Humanities and Sciences because of the incredible teachers and advisors, 艺术课程是无与伦比的.  We love that our child has fallen in love with Crew and Nordic skiing, primarily because the coaches are exceptional in the way that they develop discipline and passion within their respective sports.  

The AP offerings and standard curriculum are led by scholarly, passionate teachers.  学者 are rigorous, and that is a celebrated fact in the community. Smart is cool at Dublin, but so is kind, funny, and hard-working.  There’s an 天文台 on campus that you won’t find in some of the biggest, “brand name” schools.

I cannot write this review without also mentioning the way that Dublin integrates a love of nature into the daily experience, 无论是周末的短途旅行, 年级水平撤退, or even in the ability of students to take daily walks in the well-maintained trails.

The campus is set in the bucolic hills of southern New Hampshire, 但学生和教师也对现实保持警惕, 不公正, and needs of the world as any educational community I have known. 

事实上, 简单的自然环境允许更尖锐, clearer understanding of purpose among the students and their teachers. The sense of immediacy around social justice is real and acted upon in the policies, 人员, 和学校的实践.  There 得多 work to be done in our world, and Dublin knows it.

My sense from talking a lot with my child about the community is that no one takes this fact, 或者在都柏林影响变革的机会, 是理所当然的. 在校园里,感激之情和紧迫感依然存在.

Dublin’s response to COVID has enabled the whole community to make it through the extended fall term without a single case on campus. 学生们感到对社区的福祉负有责任, and their dedication to the “one for all” principle is a result of the excellent communication within the community.

校长,Mr. Bates, is second to none in his ability to listen, lead, and love the community.  凯时官方网站的孩子, 三年制寄宿制高年级学生, 得多, 比为大学名单上的任何学校做好充分准备都要多, 这也是凯时官方网站选择都柏林的目的之一, 很明显,都柏林设定的目标更高, 更高尚的目标, which is to prepare students to take on the world with confidence, 智慧, 和勇气.


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Dublin has done miraculous things with our son, who is not a traditional learner. 他从大一开始读,现在大四了, and without exception the faculty has been supportive and insightful (and 校长 is an extraordinary leader). Our son has been transformed and just has been accepted at his first choice for college, 这是有选择性的. We are deeply grateful for Dublin's exceedingly positive impact on our son's life.

凯时官方网站家对凯时官网评价再高也不为过. The faculty, staff, campus and overall caring for the students is extraordinary. Everyone at Dublin goes above and beyond to make sure your child is successful, 在学业上, 社会和个人. They allow kids to make mistakes, but use it as a tool for growth.

凯时官方网站的儿子, 现在的高级, 14岁开始在都柏林学习, 他仍在努力应付自己的青少年时期. Although he had his struggles, as many teens do, Dublin was so supportive. The growth we've seen in our son is truly extraordinary and we owe Dublin's faculty the utmost gratitude. Without their support, our son would not be the person he is today.

凯时官方网站很庆幸能找到都柏林. After many boarding school tours, we knew this was the perfect school. Our family will look back at our son's time at Dublin and realize how impactful it was on all of us!


P.S. 校园很美!


都柏林应有尽有. 顶尖的学者, 小班授课,容易接触到体育优秀的教师, 音乐和戏剧混合在一起. My daughter considers herself part of the LGBTQ community and Dublin has been amazingly supportive. 她感到安全,被接受,并被鼓励成长. The music and theater programs are designed around the students that they have each year and produce superb theater, dance and music performances with students being regularly selected for participation in NH All State and NH Chamber Festival. 

Faculty are always accessible and responsive by email and several have reached out to me to just tell me that they enjoy having my daughter as part of the community. 

My daughter has also really appreciated the diversity of the student body and the experience that diversity has provided. As part of an exchange program she was able to go to Chile and Argentina over spring break which was a life changing experience.

The 凯时官网 has the wealth of resources that a larger school offers (美联社类, 各种俱乐部, 强烈的体育项目, 优秀的学者, 老师的鼓励, 国际学生和精彩的演讲系列) 有小学校的亲切感和家庭感. This is my son's first year and we have been blown away by the way the school has embraced him - every interaction we've had from students to teachers to administrators has been exceptional. 校园很漂亮,还有一个滑雪场(!), 天文台, 和糖小屋依偎在宿舍里, 教室, 运动场和行政大楼. 凯时官方网站很幸运找到了凯时官网.

都柏林确实是一个特别的地方. Both our children are current students and their experience has provided them with tremendous personal growth, 透过一个充满关怀和支持的社区, 多元化的学生群体和具有挑战性的学术. 都柏林允许青少年做孩子, while offering them exposure to a broader world view that challenges their thinking 以及在社区中的地位. Amazing place like no other school we visited and I can’t imagine them anywhere else.

凯时官方网站的女儿在都柏林继续发光发亮. 她既聪明又有艺术修养. She has come out of her shell and thrives in this small school environment. The staff is wonderful, caring, and really cares about the children. We never worry about her safety when she is tucked away in Dublin.

都柏林是一所很棒的学校. 都柏林的老师们是如此的关心、迷人和体贴. 我女儿很喜欢! The small community makes it feel like a family and it is very inclusive and welcoming to a very diverse student body.